Quick Update:

This is just to let everyone know what is up with Finngreek at the moment.

I am in the process of adding, revising, and removing entries here on the website. Finngreek is an emerging field of study: So new research is being processed every day.

I am also currently finalizing the first academic paper about Helleno-Uralic Theory. It should hopefully be ready in a draft version for peer reviewal before the winter holidays. If you notice incongruencies in the entries (different presentation, “missing” links, etc.), this is just the process I am going through right now. Eventually, all entries will follow the same format. A consistent template has been established that is based on the academic presentation to be expected in the upcoming paper – but I haven’t had the free time to apply it to the website yet.

That’s about it. Bye!

Suomalainen / Sō̂ma / Σώμα: Finngreek Poetry

Happy Halloween! This week’s post is a Finngreek poem, using words we’ve learned over the past 3 months.

Sō̂ma (Person)


tʰúellan nóītā kǐdạ́
to sō̂ma iaró
mḗlē rotʰízẹ mukʰá
to kaũma to págos

kǐ́rios leúẹ hapsín
daídalo nē̂ma
áīma ripízẹ vē̂non
aídālo ħrē̂ma

English (literal):

windstorm seer praises
the person divine
oar dashes riverbends
the heat the frost

master throws net
artful thread
wind fans ship
unseen treasure

English (revised):

the seer praises the windstorm
the divine being
the oar dashes rivers
the heat and the frost

the captain casts the net
an artful strand
the wind fans the ship
a hidden treasure