Oikológos I: Aiká Idǽn Kraté (Uralic Distributions of Hellenic a > æ > e)” is the first chapter in the Oikológos series of acute Helleno-Uralic studies. The title of this paper can be translated from Finngreek into English as “Management I: Time Holds the Dawn”. It is now available on Academia.edu through the link above.

Acute study of the following Helleno-Uralic phonological scenes: HU ā > HFU ā, ǣ > HFP ǣ, ē > HWU, HMa. ē; and solving the problem of nominal HFS -ǣˀ through sound substitutions; and He. a > U *ä . Ultimately to be incorporated into the second draft of “HUC”, as with all other Oikológoi to be drafted.

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