I apologize for the long delay! As always, new word proposals continue to be posted on our Reddit page and Discord server. The Finngreek Youtube channel is temporarily on hiatus, but will become active again sometime later this year. Updates are currently being made to Helleno-Uralic Theory – the basis for the Finngreek language – and I wanted to make this information available to all of you.

Those of you who have followed Finngreek from the beginning know that a multitude of major revisions have taken place regarding the structure of the language and the dissemination of its underlying research. After more than 1.5 years spent on this project, what started as a pipe dream inspired by 90s Finnish pop music has, through a great deal of trial and error, blossomed into a working theory of comparative historical linguistics regarding potential lexical and morphological exchanges between the Uralic and Hellenic languages. However, there is still a lot of work to be done:

– The standardization of Helleno-Uralic orthography and etymological proposals has been (mostly) completed: And this will be reflected in upcoming proposals. Previous proposals will also be reposted over time to reflect these changes. The new Helleno-Uralic orthography – and reconfiguration of proposals – will be explained in an upcoming post.

– A comprehensive introduction to Helleno-Uralic Theory is under development. This introduction will categorize proposals by morphology; and focus on regular phonological diachronica, as well as proposed Helleno-Uralic revisions to Proto-Uralic reconstructions. Upon completion, it will be made available as a PDF.

– Regarding new proposals, focus has for now been shifted away from Finnish, Sami, and Proto-Uralic; and towards Mari, Mordvinic, Permic, Samoyedic, and Ugric. Current studies primarily involve Mari vocabulary, morphology, phonology, and dialectal variation.

If you are a speaker of a Uralic language or a Uralicist, your input is always encouraged and appreciated! That’s all for now. Kídos, sǻmata!

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