Before I started on this journey, I didn’t have much of a goal in mind for what I wanted to do with my life. I was always making music, and that has given me a path to walk, but I never took it too seriously. I usually take a very long time to do things – but I want to be more diligent and ambitious.

For the last 9 months, I’ve been figuring out language patterns between Uralic and Greek, and making Finngreek from it. There have been a lot of sleepless nights trying to understand word relations – and a lot of revisions to the language. Finally, I have the foundation for an auxlang that I feel is (mostly) as etymological and efficient as possible. However, there is still so much left to create and comprehend. I probably only understand a small amount of how big the picture really is.
My goal in comparing Uralic with Greek has been to establish reasoning for the contact period I propose. My goal in making this new language is so that Finnic and Hellenic peoples can have a new medium, which is unique to them, for enjoying and building a mutual culture. I hope that Finngreek can be used in both social and academic environments some day.

As for me, I am finding the inspiration that was missing from my life, because of this project. When I talk and write in Finngreek, I feel more comfortable expressing myself. I have new ideas about what I want my future to be: And now, I need to devote some time to fulfilling a destiny, and take care of my roots, and create, which I think is my strength and purpose in this world. I hope this will mean I can share more with you all through music, because it is my happy place. I also don’t want to only make music in Finngreek: I want to make music in Finnish, Greek, and many other languages.
What this means for the subreddit is that I will be posting more general content about Finland, Greece, and other related topics, perhaps more often than I’ll be posting content specifically about the Finngreek language (other than the music I intend to make and share with you all). For my website, posts will be less frequent – but I do encourage all of you reading this on to join the Finngreek subreddit, where there is daily content!

I hope you will all feel free to ask questions about the language, practice with the 21 lessons I’ve made (I will be making “Lesson 22: Animals” soon! The Family and Friends lesson will be online again after some revisions; and I will be making new example sentences for the advanced lessons), and enjoy yourselves in this community.

Our comfy Discord is also growing, so come hang out with us! We talk in Finngreek, Finnish, Greek, and English. Iketoivom otto idonimenete aiona! I hope that you all are always happy.

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