Mind = Mieli = Mielee/Mielii/Μielo, Mielino = Μυελέ/Μυελοί>Μυαλό, Μυέλινος

In Greek the word for “mind” comes from μυελός, which means “marrow.” The original pronunciation was like mueloo/myeloo, but the sound shifted to mialoo in Modern Greek. Variants of this phonology can be seen in the Uralic languages. Finnish mieli is cognate with Moksha mjal’, Komi-Zyrian myl, and Northern Sami miella.

Something else I find interesting is the original meaning of “marrow” for this word. Another word shared by Finnish and Greek, Finngreek (f)Yriin (Ydin+Πυρήν: Core/Kernel/Nucleus), has a Uralic semantic source which likewise means “marrow”. It seems that marrow was mutually identified as the “innermost part” of a being (albeit reconstructed in separate words), and may have held a (pseudo)medical, or even spiritual significance to the peoples of that time, which is not known.


Mieliiemii ravikaa kluvvase = My mind is colorful in the picture
Kluvvasemieliiemiiravikaa = My mind is colorful in the picture
Mielomu helo tsero poljon ezoeemperi = My mind wants to know a lot about life

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