Tree = *puwe>Puu = PuuluPhu/Fy, Phute, etc. = Φυτή <*phut (Mycenaean pu-te)

Forest, Garden =
Puulubuutara/Buutara/Phutarjá/Fytalia/Phutere/Futaerae/Phutalha, etc… =
Πουλυβότειρα (many-nourishing), Φυταλία/Φυταλιά (tree-garden)
(from Myc. pu-ta-ri-ja and pu-te-re “*planted/cultivated with trees”. See page 86)

In Finngreek, “Forest” and “Garden” are the same word on multiple levels, in the Finngreek spirit of Poikilia Poikitse: Variety Everywhere, with these words perhaps having the most variety anywhere in the language. “Treegarden” is a general translation for a forest and/or garden.

A friend on the Finngreek Discord server brought the paper linked above to my attention, which was very helpful for me, because up until now, I’ve been using “Puulubuutara” for a comparison, when in reality, there is a much more accurate term with better phonological parallels. In times like this, I am amazed how well the Finnish language (and other Uralic languages) has preserved Mycenaean Greek phonology, oftentimes better than the Greek language itself. Finnish and Greek are both truly amazing languages: And it brings me elation to know that such a positive word – Treegarden – can be such a multitudinous word in the Finngreek language. I have edited Lesson 14 to reflect this “new” information, as well as updating many of the word equations therein, so check it out!

I want to thank everyone who is going on this journey with me. I am so inspired by not only the language itself, but its mysterious history – not to mention the modern-day people who are helping to make this language as etymological and interesting as possible!

Phutarjáse morjapoikilia poikitse = In the treegarden (is) berry-variety all over the place
Fytaliakluklada raviká! = The treegarden flowers are colorful!
Sympidaem mejeenem phutarjáde hjae kotso psikláphutá =
I like to go into the treegarden and see the tall trees
Poljon aksvi aksvá aiona phutǽmperikle phutarjáse =
Many plant(s) always grow around the trees in the treegarden

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