Sense, Scent, Perception, Feeling:
Aisti<Haisti = Aistisi/Haisthisi, Aisthi = Αίσθηση

To sense/perceive, smell
Haistaa = Aistaa/Aisthaa/HaisthaaAistaan(-om), etc. = Αισθάνομαι


This is the first word in Finngreek I didn’t find myself! A very cool Finn in our Discord server brought the word to my attention. All I can say is: It’s a good word!


Aisthaanomaetta haisthisi hypaee = I sense that the smell is good

Aisthi atta aistaam ahypae = The scent that I smell is good

Aisthaame kluklada puulubuutarase = We smell flowers in the garden

Aistisi, idoni = The feeling, joy (Your feeling, my joy)

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