Finnish ‘uhri’ is proposed from Norse ‘offr’ (sacrifice/victim) via Swedish ‘offer’ (compare English ‘offering’). Additionally, there is the term ‘offer’ from Romance languages (to offer something), although this is considered etymologically separate from the Germanic term.

Greek ‘agrej’ is the Ionic form of ‘agra’, which describes prey (something which is hunted), or the “hunt” itself. Greek ‘agra’ can be compared with Lithuanian ‘auka’.

The Finnish ‘uhri’ and Greek ‘agra’ test the range of the Hypervowel Heart, with both vowels being a five-range/vindiaule: u-uo-o-ao-a, and i-ej-e-ae-a – thus the Hypervowels O and E.

Finngreek ‘ohri/ogri’ may be written ‘ohre’ (as is the case whenever Ejta [Ηη] is present, especially as the final vowel). However, as a modern Greek person would read this letter as /i/ in the Ionic form, the full range is predictably:

Victim/Prey = Uhri = Ohre/Ohrej/Ohri, Ogre/Ogrej/Ohri = Άγρη/Άγρα


Because of the pervasiveness of this term throughout European languages, it is possible that a variety of etymologies are possible. However, given the sheer weight of Ηη (e>/i/) in Proto-Uralic>Finnic – which I believe mirrors the phonological shift in Hellenic – I propose that the most likely etymological chains would be either:

Άγρη > Uhri, or:

Άγρη > Offr (or some derivative) > Uhri

The latter would be indicative of Mycenaean presence in southern Scandinavia. I am in the process of assembling a Helleno-Germanic isogloss.


Ohri den helo tehdomae = I don’t want to be made a victim

Rodoka: Ajam atta voisis apetaanohri = Wait: I think you could be a fraud-victim

Kattinohri miikkuupuliintu = The cat’s prey (is) a small bird

Yysithirion istokattinohri = The single deer is the big cat’s prey

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