This is our third time discussing the number 1. We have already compared the following:

1, Someone = Eräs = Eras/Era = Ένας/Έναν (One); Εράμεν, etc. (Loved one)

1, Single/Alone = Yksi(n) = Yysi(n) = Οίοισι(ν) -/-/- and now:

1, First, Next = Ensi = Ens/Eni(i) = Εις/Ενί, Ένη(ς) < *Hens

Proto-Hellenic *hens is from PIE *sḗm, which is unique in that it only descended into the extinct Anatolian ‘sani-‘ and Tocharian ‘sas/se’; the Armenian ‘mi’; and Hellenic ‘(h)eis’ via *hens.

Some declensions of ‘eis’ include ‘enoos/ενός’ (of one) and ‘enii/ενί’ (to one). ‘Enoos’ is still in modern Greek, but the dative case was lost, so ‘enii’ is no longer used. However, given both the importance of dative case in constructing Finngreek – and the conservatism of Finnish – I include the dative case.

This equation may be further complicated or extrapolated upon with the Homeric έννηφιν/ένης (ennejfin/enejs [enis]). The former refers to “The day after tomorrow,” but it appears that Hesiod (an Epic Greek poet) used the latter ‘enej(s)’ (ένη[ς]) to refer to “The first of next month” in his poem Works and Days (Έργα και Ημέραι). While there appears to be a debate about this usage, it adds an element of interest to Finnish ‘ensi,’ which is used to mean both “first” and “next.”

In any case, using the words in Finngreek is a lot more simple: As an alternative to ‘eras/eratan’ (one/first), you can also use ‘ens/enii.’ Because of the discrepancy between ένη/ενί, either ‘eni’ or ‘enii’ is good. Also, due to Proto-Hellenic *hens, the inclusion of medial or final ‘s’ in the term is allowed. This results in the following words:

Ens, Eni/Enii/Ensi/Enis/Ensii/Eniis, Enso/Enos/Ensoo/Enoos

Generally, this is how I break down the semantics:

Ens = 1, First

Eni/Enii/Ensi, etc. = First, Next, To the one/first

Enso/Enoos, etc. = 1, Of one

As “Eni/Enii/Ensi” mean “to one, to the first“, they can also mean ‘before‘, and ‘history.’ This is a more poetic form of “Historia/Ιστορία”.


Fyriinemiion enso maza mu sooma = My heart is one part of my body

(Part/Piece/Bit, Mass = Pala, Massa = Maza/Mala/Baza/Bala/Paza/Pala = Μάζα)

Eni kuuklekovdi ontae morjokovdi = Next month (moon-harvest) is the berry harvest

(Month/Harvest = [Kuu]Kausi = Kovdi = Κομιδή // same as: Syyskausi = Sungovdi = Συγκομιδή

Ens on enoo ksi = One is before two

Eniis on ensi nyn = History is before now

Ensomae ajoonasse! = I am first in the race!

Ajoonasseensomae = I am first in the race!

Maajoseens = I am first in the race!

(Race/Competition = Ajo (ajoon, etc.) = Ajo, Ajoon, Ajoonas, etc. = Άγω, Αγών, Αγώνας, etc.

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