Work = Työ, Duuni = Duu, Duuli = Δουλειά, Δούλος, etc.

Career = Huveduu (good/high work)

Hobby/Joy = Harras/Hartaat>Harrastaa>Harraste = Hara = Χαράς, Χαίρεσθαι, Χαρτά<Χαρτός

Theory = Theoria

Subject = Aihe = Aithie = Αιτίες (reason/cause; category), Αίτιε<Αιτέω


Duumu haramuun = My work is my hobby
Duuliemii huveduulidenon = My work is not a career
Emii theoria hyveemperikle = I have a theory about Finngreek
Demmikkuuaithiee = It’s not a small subject

Music = Musiki/Musikii

Math = Mathe, Mathematikaa

History = Ens (lit. “to one, to the first”), Historia/Istoria

Knowledge/Science = Tiedo = Teto/Tedo/Dedo/Deto/Dido = Δεδομένα<Δίδωμι, Δοτός

Language = Kieli/Kielessä<*käle = Klae/Klaessae, Kheili = Γλώσσα/Γλάσσα, Χείλι<Χείλη/Χείλεα

Linguistics = Klaededo/Kheilideto

Health/Medicine = Terve(ys) = Terpededo/Thervetehde = Τέρψις/Τερπνέ< Τέρπω, Θεραπεία

Anthropology = Ahravadeto

Archaeology = Valadedo/Vanaarhatedo

Astronomy = Staerideto


Musikiion krymaaithie = Music is a cool subject
Ηοndoom mathematikaase = I’m bad at math
Hypaekheili klaessaee = Finngreek is a language
Mjaemperikleon detoesii? = What do you have knowledge about?
Mjaemperikleesii deto? = What do you have knowledge about?
Staeridedoon aithie emperi staeres = Astronomy is a subject about stars
Thervetehde hypae poljoisin = Medicine is good for many
Ens emperikleontae vanaarhanarha = History is about old time


Art/Craft(ing) = Tehde/Tehdae/Tehda, Tehne, etc.

The art of making language, “Language Crafts” = Klaetehdae/Kheilitehne

Technology = Thulletehde (Future-craft)

Machine = Kone = Mekone = Μηχανή

Engineering/Mechanics = Mekonededo/Mekonetehde

Computer = Tseromekone/Detomekone (knowledge machine)

Computer science = Tseromekonedeto

Calculator = Laskin, Logi (10 (Sami)) = Logi/Loki = Υπολογιστής

Robot, AI = Mielomekone
(Machine-mind; Mind = Mieli = Mielii/Mielee/Μielo/Miali = Μυελέ/Μυελοί>Μυαλό)

Robotics = Mielomekonedeto, Mielomekonetehde

Futurism = Thullemieliismo (Future-mind-ism; -sto = -smo), Thullismo

Biology = Ezoededo (Life-science; Life = Elo = Ezoe = Η ζωή)

Botany = Phutededo/Aksvidido

Gardening = Phutetehdae/Phutarjaa/Aksviaksvaa

Fashion = Tapa = Tsopo = Τρόπος

Sports =
Urho (hero)>Urhea (brave)>Urheilla (play sports)=
Urokla (sports; -kla variety suffix), Uroizda (play sports),
Ηρώς (hero)>Ηρώια/Ηρωικά (concerning heroes/heroic)>Ηρωίζω (to act like a hero)

Exercise, Training, Practice = Askare (daily chore) = Aska = Άσκω / Ασκέω

To exercise/work out, To practice = Askaa

Gym = Askio (-io diminuitive/place-making suffix), Askahama/Askaahamaa

Chess = Shakki = Ksaki = Σκάκι (both ultimately from PII *kšáyati)


Klaetehdae tehneon = Language-making is a craft
Thulletehde voi na huvee thulleaze = Technology can be good for the future
Tseromekonekaam = I’m on the computer
Esii logi matheje? = Do you have a calculator for the math?
Mielomekonetehde voi na diskova = Robotics can be hard/difficult
Thullismo thulleaemperikleon kaa ezoededoon emperikleezoe =
Futurism is about the future, and biology is about life
Hypaee phutetehdaeze jon tseras emperi phutedeto =
It’s good for gardening if you know about botany
Uroizdom urokla tsopoje = I play sports for the fashion
Askaame askiose = We work out at the gym
Ksaki mialiaskaan = Chess is a mind-exercise

Occupations are described in Finngreek through the -kaa/-hja suffix, which defines someone being “with” something: So when you are “with” a subject, it can also mean that you are a worker or student in that subject.

Musician = Musiki > Musikikaa/Musikihjaa/Musikaa (Musikaam = “I’m a musician/I’m musical”)
Scientist = Dedo > Dedokaa/Dedohjaa (Dedokaas = “You are a scientist/You’re scientific”)
Linguist = Klaededokaa
Artist = Tehnekaa
Machinist = Mekonekaa
Futurist = Thullismokaa/Thullekaa>Thullakaa
Gardener = Phutarjakaa/Aksviaksvakaa
Fashion designer = Tsopotehdekaa
Sports player = Uroklakaa
Exerciser = Askahjaa


Phutarjakaa phutarjase = He/she/it is a gardener in the garden
Ravikatehnekaan = He/she/it is a colorful artist
Huveeuroklakaas = You are a good sports player
Mekonekaam psiklahistoriakaa = I am a machinist with a long history

School = Koulu = Skolo = Σχολή

Lesson/Teacher = Opettaja = Opedaga/Opedahja, Skolokaa = Ο παιδαγωγός

Guide (noun) = Ohjaaja = Ahjajaa = Αγωγά

to Teach = Opedaga/Opedaa, Skolo

Learn/Study = Opedago(-mae; literally “I am taught, I am learned, I am guided”), Skoloomae

The above terms are multitudinous, and the variety (poikilia poikitse!) can not be neatly summarized. The Greek terms O pedagågos and Agåga are probably two of the first words the Proto-Finnic peoples learned, as the Finnish term Opettaja and its related terms feature a level of variety only rivaled by terms derived from Hyper; it also appears that these terms would have been acquired before understanding the distinction of nouns and verbs, because the definite article fused to the noun to create both nouns and verbs in the Uralic languages.

The meaning of the Finnish word Ohja as a rein may derive from the Greek Agå/Άγω, meaning “to lead”, as its descendant word Odegå/Οδηγώ refers to riding a horse (And in modern times, driving a car). On a social level, there is a lot that could be interpreted from these terms, regarding the possibility of systemic inequality (slavery), which I don’t feel comfortable to speculate on – but the semantic and phonological similarities of the words are striking!


Skoloopedagaan = He/she/it is a schoolteacher
Taava thaam ahjajaastes worespoiki = Today, I will be your guide through the mountains
Opedaame tseromekonedeto kinuo skolose = We teach computer science in that school
Opedagomae poljon aithies suntumahuveduulimuze =
I study many subjects for my upcoming career


Listen = Kuulla = Kuu = Ακούω

Speak = Puhua = Po = Πω

Say/Tell = Lausua = Laeo = Λέγω

Understand (lit. “to hold in one’s hand) = Käsittää = Keriizda/Khersiizda = (μετα)Χειρίζω

Kuus kodekode pon = Listen whenever he/she/it speaks
Sae laeom mja helom atta khersiizdas = I tell you what I want you to understand
Keriizdate poljon emperikle hypaeklae nyn! = You all understand a lot about Finngreek now!

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