Time = Aika/Ajan = Ai/Aion, Arkha = Αεί/Αιών, Ώρα, Αρχαία

Beginning = Alku = Arkha/Ara/Arkhu/Aru, etc. = Αρχαίου

End = Loppu = Loipo/Loipu/Loippuu = Λοιπού (remaining, lacking, etc.)
More can be read about this term here

Old = Vanha = Vala(a)/Valaja(a), Vanaarha/Vanaarka = Παλαιά, Πανάρχαια

New, Young = Uusi, Nuori = Yysi, Neori/Newore = Ύσι, Νεαρή

Aranaru/Arhanarhu/Arkanarku/Arkhanarkhu = The beginning of time
Yysiarkude valaaloipothae = To a new beginning from an old end
Vanaarhanaruthae neworiloippuude = From an old beginning to a new end
Aion neworiin ka tha valaan = Time was young, and will be old


Before =
Ensi (first), Esi-, Ennakkoon… =
Eni/Enekoo/Enekoothae =
Ενί < Είς < *hens (one), Ενικός (singular)
All terms for “before” in Finngreek ultimately come from Ens, meaning “one”.

During, Current(ly) = Aikana = Arkian(a) = Διάρκεια

After (also Behind) = Taakse/Taaksei/Taaksi, Takse/Taksej/Taksi


Enekooloipo kaa arhutaakse on arkianarha =
Before the end and after the beginning is the current time
Eniarkanarku/Eniarhanarhu/Eniaranaru = Before the beginning of time


Second = Sekunti = Ksiti = Δευτερό

Minute/Moment = Hetki/Hetke- = Heksi/Hekti = Εξή-, Έκτη

Hour = Kiekko = Kiiklo = Κύκλος
Finnish Kiekko and Greek Κύκλος are both general terms for a circle or circular object. The Finngreek word Kiiklo evokes the circular shape and motion of a clock, as well as being the term for a circle: So in Finngreek, 1 hour is 1 circle. Kiiklo is from the same word as Kuukle.

Day = Päivä/Päivi = Pheivi/Phaeivi/Phaivi/Phaiva/Phoivo/Feivi/Foive, etc. = Φοίβος/Φοίβη

Yesterday = Eilen/Eilis- = Edes/Ehles, etc. = Εχθές

Today = Τänään = Taeivi/Taeivae, Taemeran = Τήμερον

Tomorrow = Aurion/Aurino

Week = Seitsemäs (seventh) = Seftamas = Εβδομάς (group of seven)

Weekend = Duudenes (lit. ‘Workless ones’, days without work); Seftamaloipo
(also: Aduulitones/Aduulitoomata)

Month = Kausi/Kovdi

Year = -Vuoti- < *ëde = Uete/Ueti/Vete/Veti/Wete/Weti/Yete/Yeti = Έτη<ϝέτος
(Water and Year are homophones in Finngreek)


Ekusikontaksites eraheksion kaa ekusikontahekses erakiikloon =
Sixty seconds is a minute, and 60 minutes is an hour
Koksideslakiikla erapheiviseon kaa seftaphaivata seftamasseon =
There are 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week
Enkausi voi na koksiakta toi koksiudee toi hrekonta toi hrekontaeraphaivata =
One month can be 28, 29, 30, or 31 days
Ksidekukovdes eraweteseon = There are 12 months in a year


Decade = Dekuwe(s), Dekuwete/Dekuveti

Century = Ksataawe/Hataave

Millennium = Hulave

Previous = Eni, Enimen

Next = Thulli, Thullimen

Last week = Eniseftamas, Enimenseftas

Next week = Thulliseftamas, Thullimenseftas

Last year = Eniwete/Eniveti

This year = Taevete/Taeweti

Next year = Thulliweti/Thullimenvete

Until = Kunnes = Uskuu = Ώσπου, -κού (Ionic)

Almost, To be about to/on the brink of = Melkein = Mellein = Μέλλειν

Soon = Syntymä (birth) = Suntoma/Suntuma = Σύντομα

Other = Eri = Ari, Eteeri = Άλλη, Ετέρη

(the) Past/History = Eni/Ens

(the) Now/Present = Nyt = Nun/Nyn = Νυν

(the) Future = Thullea


Dekudekuwes enksataaweseon kaa dekuhataawes erahulaweseon =
There are 10 decades in a century, and 10 centuries in a millennium
Den tha han kotsom uskuu thullimenseftamas =
I won’t see him/her/it until next week
Tha sae kotsom thulliseftas = I will see you next week
Mellein neorivetion = It’s almost the new year
Taeivi on ariphaeivitaakse kaa ariphaeiviin enitaeivi =
Today is after the other day, and the other day was before today
Enivetiin ensse = Last year was in the past
Thulleaa nun/Thylleaannyn = The future is now

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