to Eat = Syneda, Syssitaa/Sitaa, Estiia/Estiaa
to Want = Helo, Kaloo
Food = Rooga
Drink, to Drink = Pjoma, Pjo
to Have:
Finngreek does not have a word for “to have”. The word is explained through a set of pronouns. These dative pronouns also double as synonyms for possessive pronouns (my, your, our, etc.)

I have = Emii (lit. “to me, mine”)
You have = Esii (lit. “to you, yours”)
He/she/it has, They have = Ehii, Handa
We have = (E)meion, (E)meiteron
You all have = (E)teion, (E)steiteron

For now, we will just practice with Emii and Esii.
Remember Thirviio and Vanaisa?

Thirviio: Helo syssitaa
Thirviio: I want to eat.
Vanaisa: Mja helo esii?
Vanaisa: What do you want to have? (lit. “What do you want to you?”)
Thirviio: Helo emii rooga ka pjo!
Thirviio: I want to have food and a drink!

to Know = Tsera/Tsero, Deta/Teda/Dida/Deda
to Like = Philaa
to Dislike = Dem philaa
Love = Eraka(s)
to Love = Erakaa/Eraaka
Hate = Miho/Viso, Wiho/Wihee
to Hate = Mihoo/Visoo, Wihaaza
Thirviio: Tseram atta philaa rooga.
Vanaisa: Kaa detas atta philaam pjo! – And you know that I like to drink!
Thirviio: Koja mihoo pjo? – Who hates to drink?
Vanaisa: Den eraakas pjo.
Thirviio: Kle! Erakas mu roogaon, muuna wihee mu pjoon.
Go = Vena, Mejeena, Kuklaa/Kuklea
Come = Thulla/Θulla
Get/Take = Paerta/Paesna
Bring, Give = Dose, Do
Make = Tehda/Tekto
Thirviio: Kuklea tehda rooga.
Vanaisa: Dose mu pjoma! = Bring me (a) drink!
Thirviio: Thullas paerta pjo! Den on mude, on sude. = You come get (the) drink! It’s not for me, it’s for you.
Vanaisa: Den tha vena tsi den emii pjoma = I won’t go, so no drink for me…
Thirviio: Vois syssitaa jon sekaa roogaon = You can eat if food is with you.
Vanaisa: Nee, voi estiia = Yes, so I can eat!
I hope you’re feeling good about your Finngreek so far! Leave a comment whenever you have questions, or if you just want to practice writing.

NEXT LESSON: Nouns: Food + Drinks

Eat = Syön, Syödä; Sööma (Estonian) ; Eszik (Hungarian) < *sewe =
Tso, Synda/Syneda, Sitaa/Syssitaa, Estiia/Estiaa =
Τρώω, *Συνέδω<Έδω, Συντρώγω, (Συσ)σιτώ, Εσθίω, Εστιάω<Εστία

Want = Halua = Helo, Kaloo = Θέλω, Καλώ
Food = Ruoka = Rooga = Ρώγα
Drink = Juon, Juoma = Pjo, Pjooma = (να) Πιω, Πώμα/Πόμα
Know = Tiedän<*teetädäk = Tsera/Tsero, Deta/Teda/Dida/Deda =
Ξέρω, Δεδίδαχα, Κατεδέναι, Δεδομένο<Δίδωμι
Like = Pitää = Philaa = Φιλώ, Φέρω
Love = Rakas = Erakas =Έρωτας
Hate = Viha = Viso/Miho, Wiho/Wihe(e) = Μίσος, Ιός/Ιέ/Ιάζω
Go =Mennä, Kulkea = Vena, Mejeena, Kuklaa(nda)/Kuklea = Βαίνω, Πηγαίνω, Κυκλώ(νω)/Κυκλέω (a connection with menen and μένειν, “to stay”, is also considered)
Come = Tulla = Thulla = Θύελλα/Θυλλο-
Get/Take = Päästä = Paerta/Paesna = Παίρνω
Bring (it)= Tuo se = Do, Dose = Δώσε, Δώσει
Make = Tehdä = Tehda/Tekto = Τέχνη (art, craft), Τίκτω, Τέκτων (Builder, craftsman, creator)

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