While this is one of the first lessons, it is one of the more difficult ones for Uralic and Hellenic speakers, because some of the words are unetymological.

What = Tima, Mja
Why = Midi
Where = Jodo
When = Kode
Who = Koja
How = Kon/Kos

Because = Midi, Kosa

-ever = doubled
Whatever = Timatima
Whyever = Midimidi
Wherever = Jodojodo
Whenever = Kodekode
Whoever = Kojakoja
However = Konkon

This = Toto/Tata, Tae
That, Those (pronoun) = Kinuo
That (conjunction) = Otto/Atta
Here = Taese/Taesao
There = Tine/Tinnee, Kiinne/Eksiinne
Now = Nyn
Then, From there = Kiithen/Tiithen/Eksiithen, Pjothen

What is this? = Tima on toto?; Mja on tata?
Where is that? = Jodo on kinuo?
When is the rain? = Kode on kataa?
Whenever is it Autumn, I am happy. = Kodekode on aara, ziloineom.
It is good that it’s not bad = On ehuua atta den na hondo.
How are you? = Kon os? or Kossa?
Why is this good, and why is that bad? = Midi ontae ehuua kaa midi on kinuo hondoo?
That was then, and this is now = Kinuo in kiithen kaa tata οn nyn
This was there, and that is here = Tae in tinnee ka kinuo on taese

What = Mitä = Tima, Mja = Ti(να)/Ποιά
Why = Miksi = Midi (also “because”) = Επειδή
Where = Jonne/Jossa = Jodo = Η οδός (The way)
When = Kun = Kode = Κότε (Ionic)
Who = Jotka, Kuka = Koja = Ποιός, Κοία (Ionic)
How = Kuinka = Kon/Kos(a) (also “because”) = Κώς (Ionic)

The above source words are considered unrelated, but new words were created from the available terms. The Mi- root in Finnish does not have a clear comparison in Greek.

This = Tää/Tätä = Ta(e), Toto/Tata = Αυτά/Τούτο/Ταύτα
That / Those (pronoun) = Nuo = Kinuo = Εκείνου
That (conjunction) = Että, Jotta (so that) = Atta/Otto = Άττα/Ότι
Here = Taese/Taesao
There = Sinne = Tine/Tinnee/Kiinne/Eksiinne = Τηνεί (Doric)<Εκείνος
Now = Nyt = Nyn = Νυν
Then/From there = Sitten, Joten = Kiithen/Tiithen/Eksiithen, Pjothen (thus) = Εκείθεν, Πόθεν

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