Before we learn the sentence structure (syntax) of Finngreek, let’s start with a few examples of vocabulary. Words often have multiple forms, due to Hypervowels, which we will discuss in a later lesson. Different forms can also occur because of multiple source words from Greek. This lesson will help you begin to recognize the patterns of variety.

The Finngreek motto is Poikilia poikitse = Variety everywhere! This is central to the language.

Spring = Aksva/Aksve/Aksvi, Nosto(s)
Summer = Kherse
Autumn = Aara/Áre/Åros, Syyskausi/Sýskausi
Winter = Tele/Telei/Teli, Paga/Pagan/Pagas

Sun = Auri/Aurio(n)/Aurino, Pheivi/Phåivå(s)
Cloud = Nepheele/Phéli
Rain = Kata(a), Stázde/Saze, Ambre, Zale
Storm = Thulla

So we can write:
Autumn rain = Syyskausistazde/Sýskausisáze
Winter sun = Pagaauri/Pagáurion
Spring storm = Aksvathulla
Summer cloud = Khersephéle
Winter rain = Telekataa
Spring sun = Aksvaauri/Nostophoivos
Summer storm = Khersethulla
Autumn cloud = Aaranepheeli

Spacing is optional. I prefer not to use it, but “Syyskausi stazde” is also correct.
Spring = Kasvaa>Kasvi, Nosto/Nostella = Aksvi, Nosto(s) = Αυξάνω>Αύξηση, Νόστος/Αναστέλλω
Summer = Kesä (summer, fallow) = Kherse = Χέρσε (uncultivated/dry/fallow land)
Autumn/Harvest = Syksy/Syyskausi = Syyskausi, Aara = Συς+καύση, Ώρα/Ώρη/Οπάρα
See this post for more about the etymology of the terms for ‘autumn’ and other seasons
Winter (1) = See link above for etymological details = Tele/Telei/Teli
Winter (2), Frost = Pakkanen/Pakkas- = Paga(-n/-s) = Πάχνη/Πάγος

Sun (1) = Aurinko = Auri(-on/-no) = Αύριον (tomorrow), Αυρινός (of the morrow), Αύρη
Sun (2) = Päivä/Päivi, Peivi, Beaivvas = Pheivi/Phåivå(s) = Φοίβη, Φοίβε/Φοίβος
See this post for more on the etymology and mythology of Finngreek Pheivi
Cloud = Pilvi (Hung. Felleg) = Nepheele/Pheli = Νεφέλη
Rain = Kaataa, Sade<Sataa, Âbbʹre (Ter Sami) = Kata(a), Stazde, Ambre, Zale =
(Κατα)στάζω/Στάζειν, Όμβρε, Ζάλη
Storm = Tulva (flood) = Thulla = Θύελλα

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